About and Qualifications

Welcome to the website of the LAW ENFORCERS AND RIDERS ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES (LERAP). This has just been created and the site is under construction. Please feel free to submit your suggestions or any events that you may want to add in out website.

1. Payment of P2,000.00 entry fee and filling up of the application form, with 3 ID pictures.
2. Must be at least 21 years of age at the time of application;
3. Members must be resident of the province to where is seek a Chapter Admission at the time of his filing of application for membership. (Cavite Chapter relaxed this to include nearby adjacent and adjoining cities and munipalities for attendance purposes). Should the member thereafter transfers his residence outside his Chapter Province, he must inform the Chapter Secretary, who will inform him of the nearest Chapter to whom he will report for purposes of complying with attendance requirements in meetings.
4.Must possess a driver’s license with “1-2-3” restriction clearly inscribed;
5.Must have passed three (3) regular rides of the club, after which third ride, he shall have been duly endorsed by at least 3 members for membership approval. The approval of membership requires an unanimous vote of all members present during the ride day upon which the membership is endorsed for voting. On the scheduled 3rd ride, the said applicant must be knowledgeable enough to spearhead the ride. (Cavite Chapter mandates 10 rides).
6.As a final rite for his membership, he shall take the necessary oath and must be present at his initiation on Chapter level and on the National LERAP Convention.
7. Bike must be 400cc and above. (Rationale: a. So that he will not be left behind in long paces, long rides and rides requiring passage thru SLEX, NLEX, SCTEX and TPLEX. The issue of discrimination cannot hold on our requirement, because if we allow, then the sub400s will pass thru these highways on the guise and authority of his LERAP uniform, but then he will be breaking the law. Until such time that the limited highway access act is amended to accommodate sub 400s, then we will be forced not to accept below 400cc; b. LERAP are usually given authorities by DOTC, LTO and some local governments to apprehend traffic violators and to assist in crime prevention, sub 400 may be inadequate for such tasks)
8. If the applicant is active in government police or military duty in the Philippines, an additional requirement of passing the executive rider’s course conducted by LERAP will be mandatory. Non military applicants and members are advised, though not required, to attend such executive rider’s course. (NOTE: only LERAP is qualified to attend this course, of all the bike clubs.)
9. He must be adept in all road rules and regulations and all standard signals adopted by the association.
10. When assigned as Marshall, he must carry enough basic equipment and tools to assist a rider encountering mechanical problems.


11 thoughts on “About and Qualifications

  1. Pwede po bang sumali sa grupo ninyo kaya lang taga South Cotabato po ako at Raider 150 lang ang motor ko, SPO4 Jun Moreno po

    • pwede kayong magtayo nang isang chapter dyan, send your request to Gen. ding Pace. You can download requirements at the lerap facebook files. I will see if ican post it here on this website.

  2. sir taga north cotabato po ako gusto ko sanang sumali kaya lng maliliit lng mga motor namin dito daniel rigor po ng north cotabato may chapter ba kayo dito?

  3. Sir gud pm, I have a 900 cc kawasaki vulcan LT. Im from Antipolo and would be proud to become one of your members. Please let me know. Thanks

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